About Christ’s Episcopal Church

Christ’s Episcopal Church is located on the corner of 4th and Cantril Street in historic Castle Rock. (That’s 615 4th Street, Castle Rock, Colorado 80104 for those of us who love our GPS and mapping technologies.) Our phone number is 303.688.5185.

You’ll find us a friendly, welcoming and open-minded group who seek to find and amplify the goodness in each of us. A creative bunch, we love music, art and words, so we particularly welcome both rousing debates and contemplative discussion on a wide-ranging set of topics. Come see for yourself – at a concert, a community service event, a worship service, a class, or a children’s event.  We’d love to get to know you. You will feel at home here.

Purpose of the Church:

To extend Christ’s ministry of inclusive, love and compassion to everyone who seeks it; to live the good news; to praise God, offering peace, blessing, and respect to all.

Mission Statement:

To live in Christ by embracing the wonder and potential in All, through prayer, study, service, and play.


To answer God’s call to active service in our community and the world, centered by our rich Spiritual tradition