11adultedAdult Education

Adult & High School “Perspectives” Series

Participants: Teens and Adults
Time: Sundays from 9:20-10:10

“Perspectives” is the title presently used for the mid-service Sunday morning Adult and Teen teachings, small group discussions, and summary discoveries from 9:20 to 10:10 a.m. It begins with a brief period of silence followed by a wide variety of topics of contemplation and discussion. This is followed by another brief period of silence for writing reflection which leads to groups of three discussing a few pre-determined questions for twenty minutes. The groups then report their perspectives to the large group, summary statements are made, and the class ends. It is facilitated by Fr. Rick and other members of the education team.  

Sound interesting? Call Pat Fischer, director of education, at 303.688.5185 or email her for more information.