Pat Fischer, Director of Education at Christ's Episcopal Church

Pat Fischer, Director of Education at Christ’s Episcopal Church

A note to parents from Pat Fischer, Education Committee Chair

Dear parents,

Have you ever taken your children to a restaurant, a play or concert … a church … and felt unwelcome when they made a joyful (or not-so-joyful) noise, as every irrepressible child does at some point? That won’t happen here.

You are invited to a new kind of church service here at Christ’s Church, where every child is welcome. By everyone. Exactly as they are. Just as you are. We’re glad they’re part of our celebration. We’re grateful for their presence – and yours. You will feel at home. Every member of your family – loud or meek, well-behaved or mischievous – is a treasured part of this unconditional bond of love we share, strengthened each Sunday, when we share time in prayer and celebration in church, together.

So, learn more about our children’s programs, including Godly Play, Connect , and our new youth gathering, Club 412 , as well as our worship services. Then, come, visit, see for yourself.

Questions? You are welcome to call us at 303-688-5185 or email us at

“The presence of children is a gift to each of us. The best way we adults can rekindle our sometimes wavering sense of God in our lives is to be with a young child who has been taught about the liturgy in church.”

Pat Fischer, Education Committee Chair, Christ’s Episcopal Church, Castle Rock, Colorado