Kathy Mordeaux,
Director of Music

Kathy Mordeaux has served at Christ’s Episcopal Church since 1992, and contributed several original hymns to the church’s songbook, Open Doors, Open Hearts.  Kathy holds Bachelor of Arts, cum laude, and Master of Arts degrees in English Literature from the University of Denver.  While there, she studied piano with Prof. David Genova, and organ and church music with Prof. James Bratton.  Kathy did post graduate work both at the University, and at the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation in Bethesda, Maryland where she graduated with a certificate in Spiritual Guidance.  She lives in one of Castle Rock’s historic stone houses with her husband, three cats, and a large book collection.

“As a church musician, I believe I am called by God to the ministry of music, as surely as a priest or deacon is called to what they do.   Music has always been a doorway into the sacred for me, even at times when nothing else was.  So my sense of call as a church musician comes both out of my desire to nurture my own journey into the sacred and my desire to share the doorway that music offers with others.  All that I do comes out of prayer and discernment, and is both a sacred service to the people I serve, and an offering back to God of the creative gifts I have received and nurtured through God’s grace.  That means it’s not about what I want, what I like, what I feel comfortable with or don’t.  It is about what God wants, what in the deepest kind of prayerful discernment, I believe God is calling this congregation to grow into.

Music has power to move people’s hearts, to transform their very being into the new life that the Gospel calls us into; it is a divine gift that calls us to honor it for its own sake and as a doorway to prayer.  I believe that music should be used in a way that makes it part of the transformational work of authentic worship, and a manifestation of the image of God in the world.”