Altar Guild

“In response to all of God’s mighty acts, we are called to offer ourselves to God’s service. The basic motivation for serving in the altar guild – or in any other work of the church – is gratitude.”
— S. Anita Stauffer’s Altar Guild Handbook

The Altar Guild surrounds us with beauty. They prepare the Altar and Sanctuary for the worship service each week, easing our path into the sacred connection each Sunday. Some of our members, skilled with needlework, create the vestments for the priest, linens for the Altar – and baptism blankets for our newest blessings.  Some bake the bread. Some arrange the flowers.  Theirs is a service of creativity and joy, a place to meet wonderful friends, and a connection to God through service. We are deeply thankful for the talents and commitment our Guild brings to their work.

Interested in participating? Call the office at 303.688.5185 or email us.