What a blessing to care for someone who has spent her life caring for others.

What a blessing to help someone who has spent her life caring for others.

An invitation…to be a part of the church family

By BJ Burnett

I invite you to imagine that your grandmother has been ill and is unable to cook for herself and has been home-bound for several weeks.  Her neighbors check in on her, but she so dislikes being a bother and doesn’t want to inconvenience anyone. So….of course you fix some extra food, put it in a casserole dish and take it right over. Afterward, you set up a schedule with all of your family to make sure she has some meals and some company until she is on the mend.

Now, I invite you to see your Christ’s Church members as you would these family members and friends. There are many opportunities to give love and care to our church family when life happens. And of course…because we are family—it just what we do. But sometimes life gets busy, time gets away, and the thought slips away, so now I invite you to join in this great ministry.

See other possibilities for how we can care for our church family. Perhaps you’d like to assist

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