Enabling a father to meet his child: what a blessing.

Enabling a father to meet his child: what a blessing.

An invitation…to help a young family

By BJ Burnett

I invite you to imagine that you have a grown daughter who has just given birth to a beautiful baby boy and is alone taking care of that newborn because her husband is deployed in Afghanistan.  So…of course you go over with a casserole and send your daughter to bed for a nap and run a load of laundry and watch the baby for an hour or so.  You then drop a picture of this sweet baby in the mail to Dad who smiles when he gets the picture.

Now, I invite you to see your Christ’s Church members as you would these family members and friends. There are many opportunities to give love and care to our church family when life happens. And of course…because we are family—it just what we do. But sometimes life gets busy, time gets away, and the thought slips away, so now I invite you to join in this great ministry.

See other possibilities for inspiring joy and providing comfort within our church family: perhaps you’d like to

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