Artistry and creativity is all around us. Nowhere is that creativity and expertise more appreciated than in the kitchen, at our bake sales, and during our frequent get togethers.

Artistry and creativity is all around us.  This is one of our most talented bread makers preparing the Communion bread for the upcoming week.  Our creativity and expertise is put to  use at our bake sales and during our frequent barbecues, cookouts, and more formal gatherings, such as last year’s Seder meal.


Here in Castle Rock, you’ll find a thriving creative community – especially at Christ’s Church. Within our congregation, we welcome musicians, poets, artists, writers, craftsmen, inspiring speakers, chefs and bakers, and fine needlework a’plenty. However you choose to tap into that Divine spark that radiates creativity in each of us, you’ll find your talent appreciated and encouraged.

For our music lovers, we host a range of concerts every year. Our Musicmakers welcome choir members of all ages and experience levels. Our artists’ work is on display on a rotating basis in The Gathering Place. We hosted a silent art auction at Art on the Edge last year that featured work from our many artists in all sorts of media. Our bakers showcase their wares at the annual bake sale during Advent. They bake the fresh bread we use for Communion each week – except for Lent, when we substitute wafers during that time of reflection and austerity. Fine needlework is on display in the vestments our priest wears and the coverings for the Altar, thanks to our Altar Guild.

As for writing, you need look no further than this website to see how much we love to write and how talented our photographers are.  In fact, almost every image on this site was taken by one of our church family. When you visit, chances are you will run into someone whose face will be familiar to you from this site. And while you may enjoy the sermons online, you’ll find they are even better in person.

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