March 25, 2022 – March 27, 2022 all-day

Join Bob Neuwoehner, our own biblical scholar, for a free lecture introducing the Fourth Gospel and a weekend workshop exploring the gospel’s Christ symbolism.

During the free lecture, “How to Read and Understand the Gospel of John,” you’ll get to know the characters, the settings in time and place, and the plot line of this spiritual masterpiece; and you’ll learn how to find meaning in the gospel through a literary-comparative approach that opens up its symbolism.

Those who participate in the weekend workshop, “Jesus and the Feminine in the Gospel of John,” will engage in a series of interactive applications of the approach introduced in the free lecture (above), and take a deep dive into four key passages to see if their Christ symbolism includes feminine features.

Both the lecture and the workshop will be based on Bob’s book, MOONLIGHT SHINES IN DARKNESS: A Psychosymbolic Reading of Jesus and the Feminine in the Fourth Gospel, which is available on online in print and eBook formats from either Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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