At Christ’s Episcopal Church, there are two leadership teams: the executive team and the vestry.

Executive team

The Executive Team includes the rector, the warden and the treasurer.  The group meets weekly, on Wednesday mornings.


According to the Mirriam Webster dictionary,  an Episcopal vestry is “…an elective body in an Episcopal parish composed of the rector and a group of elected parishioners administering the temporal affairs of the parish.” The election of vestry members takes place at the annual parish meeting in January of each year.

The vestry meets on the second Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. The meetings are open and all church members are welcome.



A key leadership role on the vestry is the warden.  As the Episcopal Church site states, “The mode of selection and duties of the wardens are determined by state law, diocesan canon, or parish by-laws. The senior warden is usually the primary elected lay leader of the congregation, and serves as a principal liaison between the parish and the rector…The senior warden typically presides at vestry meetings in the absence of the rector… In case of clerical vacancy, the senior warden may be the ecclesiastical authority of the parish for certain purposes.”


The treasurer serves as the fiscal officer of the church. In this role, she is responsible for supervising the financial business of the church, ensuring it is in line with generally accepted accounting principals. This includes oversight regarding the collection, recording, disbursement and reporting related to the moneys of the church. A complete job description, excerpted from the Vestry Resource Guide, can be found here. (The Vestry Resource Guide, which we provide to incoming vestry members each year, can also be purchased from ForwardMovement.org.)


The recorder attends all vestry meetings. She keeps the minutes of the parish and maintains the permanent record. She submits a draft of the minutes, which, after approval from the team at the subsequent meeting, are published.