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Forward Day by Day

A ministry of The Episcopal Church, Forward Movement has been inspiring disciples and empowering evangelists around the globe since 1935 through offerings that encourage spiritual growth in individuals and congregations.

Best known for Forward Day by Day, a daily devotion providing meditations on scripture readings, Forward Movement offers books and ebooks for small groups, individual study and prayer, Christian formation courses, leadership events, Spanish and bilingual resources, pamphlets, downloadable resources, a daily podcast, apps for your smartphones or tablets, and online engagement opportunities.

Christ’s Church has a bulk standing order subscription to Forward Day by Day, which allows us to make free copies available in the narthex (vestibule) of the church for anyone interested (while supplies last).

Seasonal Parish-made Devotionals!

These seasonal devotionals are written and created by members of our Parish and compiled by the Mary & Martha Chapter of Daughters of the King. If you’re interested in creating a reflection for one of our devotionals, keep an eye on our e-mails or our Sunday bulletin when we’re looking for writers around Lent and Advent!

2024 Lent Devotional

Many thanks to all who contributed devotions/reflections, and to the […]

2023 Advent Devotional

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