Shop at any of 700+ retailers,
Christ’s Church gets a donation

When you use the Scrip gift card program for your shopping and entertainment, a percentage of every dollar you load on a retailer’s gift card will be donated to Christ’s Episcopal Church.

4%, 16%, even 18% of the amount you load on a gift card can be donated to the church by the retailers. All you have to do is use Scrip gift cards for purchases you plan to make anyway. You won’t spend any extra money, and the church will get a big extra for its ministries.

Scrip offers gift cards from over 700 of the most popular retailers, including Walmart, Kohl’s, Macys, Barnes & Noble, Cabela’s, Lowes, Outback, AMC Theaters, and many, many more of your favorites. You’ll find great online retailers on the Scrip list, too. To see the full list of Scrip retailers, visit

In addition to buying gift cards through Scrip, you can also set up an account that allows you to place your order and immediately print out your Scrip e-gift cards.

For details on how the Scrip program works for Christ’s Church, how to get your gift cards, and how to set up your own Scrip/Christ’s Episcopal Church account, contact the office: 303-688-5185 or

Here are a few ways you might shop with Scrip gift cards:

Do you want to make a small change in your home with a new accent? Do you have a friend or relative who might like a new accent? Consider buying a $25 or $100 card for use at Home Goods, which recently opened a store near Park Meadows, and you’ll be giving your church 7% of whatever denomination you choose.

Bath & Body Works cards make wonderful gifts! There’s a store in Park Meadows and one in the Castle Rock Outlet Mall. This company has $10 and $25 cards, plus renewable cards and Scrip, which you can print out for immediate use once you’re set up with your own account. Whatever denomination you choose will bring an 18% donation to Christ’s Episcopal Church!

Are you involved in a home improvement project? The Scrip list includes Acme, The Home Depot, Lowe’s and more.

If you want to buy winter outerwear or other casual quality clothes, how about buying SCRIP cards for Land’s End or LL Bean? LL Bean now has a store in Park Meadows in addition to its catalog. Both these companies give us 16%!