The Blessings of Serving as a Stephen Minister

Since 1975, nearly 500,000 Christian men and women from all walks of life have trained and served as Stephen Ministers. Most become Stephen Ministers as a way to serve others, but quickly discover the amazing blessings God gives them in return. Watch the videos and read the comments below to find out what some of them have to say about their experiences.

“Stephen Minister training has helped me grow—personally, spiritually, and professionally. I use my Stephen Minister skills all the time with patients, peers, and physicians. Stephen Ministry has made a big difference in my own life and in my congregation.”

Anna, Registered Nurse, Hendersonville, Tennessee

“Since becoming a Stephen Minister, I’ve experienced a richness of God’s grace beyond anything I could have imagined. To truly listen with the ears of Christ, to see others through his eyes, to know his heart, to see Jesus working through you to touch the life of some- one else is a window into heaven.”

William, Business Owner, Katy, Texas

“Stephen Ministry has enhanced every relationship I have. Now I can listen and be there without feeling like I must rush in and try to x things. (My 15-year-old finds this a great blessing!) I’m much more at peace in dificult situations because I realize that it’s not me—but Christ within me—who does the work.”

Susan, Licensed Massage Therapist, Saint Petersburg, Florida

“Being a Stephen Minister has taught me to rely on God instead of always trying to x things. I’ve learned what to say, how to listen, and what to do during a crisis. It’s a great feel- ing to provide people with the spiritual care and support they need.”

John, Physician, Greenwood, South Carolina

“Stephen Ministry has strengthened my relationship with Christ and helped me in my spiritual journey. I find myself using my Stephen Minister skills in all aspects of my life—as a husband, father, lawyer, friend, and Stephen Minister.”

Peter, Lawyer, Charlotte, North Carolina

“Stephen Ministry has freed me from feeling I needed to have all the answers and solve other people’s problems. Now I just listen and care—and trust God to do the healing. This ministry is a true joy. It has deepened my faith and allowed me to be trans- formed by our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Patricia, Company Vice President, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

“We all like to say we listen, but very few people actually stop what they’re doing, focus their attention, and take the time to really listen to the other person. Stephen Ministry has helped me become the kind of listener I’ve always wanted to be.”

Angela, Federal Government, North Bethesda, Maryland

“Without a doubt, serving as a Stephen Minister has been the most reward- ing, growth-producing, meaningful thing I have ever done! It’s an honor to be able to serve God in this way.”

Don, Electrician, Highland, Michigan

“Being a Stephen Minister is much bigger and better than just helping other people. It becomes part of you—it changes you for the better. My faith is stronger. I’ve learned to listen, care, pray aloud, and be more assertive. I love it! With God’s help I’ll continue to grow through this wonderful ministry.”

Doris, Cafeteria Assistant, Jacksonville, North Carolina

“The assertiveness skills I learned gave me the courage and confidence I needed to be a more effective supervisor in my secular job—and to be more assertive in my personal relationships. Thank you for helping me develop these vital skills.”

Elizabeth, Rehabilitation Counselor, Madison, Wisconsin

“Being a Stephen Minister enables me to give back a little bit of what God has blessed me with. It’s a tangible way I can serve God by caring for others. It’s a life-changing experience—for me and for those I serve.”

Thomas, VP Marketing, Fort Myers, Florida

“God gave me a heart for other people. Stephen Ministry gave me the skills I needed to minister to other people and bring God’s love into their lives during a time of deep need. I’m humbled and awed to be used by God in this way.”

Charlotte, Manager-Care/Case Management, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“Stephen Ministry has given me a way to serve God more faithfully by being his presence to those in need. In the process God has blessed me with skills I didn’t know I had and enriched my life in more ways than I could ever imagine.”

Gene, Aerospace Engineer, Manassas, Virginia

“Being a Stephen Minister has been a blessing in so many ways. It’s drawn me closer to God. It’s allowed me to be God’s presence to another person—an amazing feeling. And it’s made me part of a loving, caring family of Stephen Ministers and Stephen Leaders who support me in my ministry.”

Paul, Teacher, Indianapolis, Indiana

“Stephen Minister training has helped me relate better to family, friends, neighbors—everyone I meet. I’ve experienced the fruits of the spirit—love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, self- control. God is part of my daily life more than ever before. It’s been a real blessing.”

Maria, Mother, Ridgefield, Connecticut