How to Be More Fully Alive by Living More Soulfully

Christ’s Church members – $45; all others – $55

A WisdomQuest Weekend
Workshop, April 12-14

What is the soul?
What does it do?
How does it affect my life
… and my relationships?

This WisdomQuest weekend workshop, facilitated by Bob Neuwoehner, PhD, will answer these questions – and more – when Dr. Neuwoehner takes you on a guided tour of the soul.

Topics will include …

Friday evening, April 12:  What we mean by “soul” – How soul relates to spirit, mind, body, psyche – Spirituality, religion, and soul work – Symbols add to our understanding – A guide for the modern soul-quest

Saturday morning and afternoon, April 13:  A useful model of the soul – The structure of the soul – The dynamics of the soul – Images and symbols – The inner world and the outer world – Transcending limits, recognizing connections – A soulful modern myth, part 1, entering into the story

Sunday afternoon, April 14:  A soulful modern myth, part 2, engaging its depths of meaning – Living more soulfully and why it matters

The workshop will meet in the Undercroft at Christ’s Episcopal Church in downtown Castle Rock (615 Fourth St). Lunch on Saturday is not included. So, you may want to bring a bag lunch, but about an hour will be provided for those who choose to eat at a local restaurant. A detailed schedule will be provided to all participants

Tuition for Christ’s Church members is $45; for all others, $55. For more information, please call the Christ’s Church office at 303-688-5185.

To register, click the link below …