The Christ’s Church Sanctuary

A House of Prayer, Service, Study, and Play

The architecture of our Sanctuary invites us to step into a soaring open space whose design springs from the very basis of Episcopal faith: the via media, the middle way. It’s a study in reconciling opposites — of dark and light, of curving lines with rectilinear, of masculine and feminine, of earth with heaven. Earth tones at floor level graduate to light and lighter as the eye is drawn up to the ceiling. Moving through the space presents continuously changing views, revealing wonderfully dynamic shifts of perspective.

The rector of Christ’s Church at the time the Sanctuary was designed and built, Fr. Rick Meyers, said, “We took ideas and put them into a drawing, and then fixed them into the materials of the earth from all over the world — concrete from Colorado, onyx from Pakistan, pine from Canada, and steel from China. Our intention brought forth the energy that transformed a parking lot into a house of prayer, study, service and play. Is this remarkable, or what?”

The Sanctuary has been the site of many memorable celebrations and special events since its opening in 2005, including weddings, baptisms, funerals, concerts, meetings, and more. If you are interested in hosting your event at the Sanctuary, email us at