Sierra Exif JPEGThe Sanctuary Steinway

This piano was given to Christ’s Church as a gift for the dedication of the Sanctuary in September, 2006.

It is a Model D, nine-foot Steinway Concert Grand, hand selected by our music staff at the factory in New York City in July of that year. It has over 12,000 individual parts, assembled by a single master craftsman, one of Steinway’s extensive staff of skilled craftsmen, most of whom come from generations of master workers. Each piano is hand-voiced by the same craftsman into its finished form and is very sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. Each piano has its own characteristic sound.

Our Steinway is one of a kind, chosen specifically to complement the acoustics of The Sanctuary. It has a mellow, singing tone, that leads the congregation well, and offers a pefect vehicle for the richness of classical music. Yet it is still bright enough to carry a jazz riff in a solo or combo. It is used every Sunday morning during worship services as well as for numerous concerts and special events.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.