Welcome to Christ’s Episcopal Church

We are a Christ-centered community embracing all and
sharing God’s love through prayer, service, study, and play …

A place to worship in grateful celebration
A place to reach out and serve
A place to pursue spiritual growth
A safe, open, supportive, and faithful community

Eucharist, Outreach, Formation, Fellowship

Others call it “communion” or “the Mass.” We Episcopalians call our main form of worship “the Eucharist,” the Greek word for thanksgiving. Worship at Christ’s Church is a grateful celebration using contemporary expressions of ancient Christian traditions.

When we talk about serving people, we call it “outreach.” Our outreach programs serve the homeless, the elderly, a local elementary school, and those in need throughout Douglas and Elbert Counties.

“Formation” is the term we use for education that fosters development in the Christian faith and nurtures spiritual growth. Christian formation at Christ’s Church includes Sunday School, an active Youth Group, and a variety of adult programs.

Because play is also an important part of living the abundant life Christ promised, we make sure to include some fun in our lives together. We call it fellowship,”but it means socializing on Sunday mornings, coming together for dinners or BBQs from time to time, hiking a local trail
once a month, enjoying a musical performance, and more.

Scripture, Tradition, Reason, Experience

Because Christ’s Church is an Episcopal congregation, part of the worldwide Anglican Communion, we value scripture, tradition, reason, and experience.

Scripture and tradition provide reliable foundations for our Christian lives, challenging us to explore the eternal and inexhaustible spiritual depths and mysteries of our faith.

Reason and experience help us bring forth, embrace, nurture, and integrate the life and truth offered to us by the Living Word and our living tradition.

Bringing scripture, tradition, reason, and experience together produces a creative synergy in our community that makes us simultaneously conservative in our Christian foundations and progressive in our spiritual expressions.

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“Too many Christian hearts have a tendency to deny
the radical freedom of God’s mercy to move where it will.”
—Parker Palmer

“There is no longer Jew or Greek …
for all of you are one in Christ Jesus.”

—Gal. 3:28